Keeping Retford, Upliftford:

Welcome to keeping Retford Upliftford , the real StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™. StreetGym® is the original mind/body workout and urban adventure. My name is John Watson Allison. I was schooled in Retford and lived in the town before joining the Army at 16. Lots of fun times at Saint Saviours Primary, Carr Hill and the Elizabethan high school!

Being intimately familiar with Retford. I’ve used my knowledge of the town to help residents keep moving and stay Upliftford for free. No gym, fancy kit or bling needed. It’s just you and the StreetGym® Retford Project. To find out more just click on the map below.

The StreetGym® Retford Project

Fancy kit, needing a gym to workout? I’ve learnt a lot of lessons from providing employee wellbeing support in the city of London for years. Such things can actually become a barrier to movement.

Therefore, removing barriers and empowering people is what I truly stand for. We can start by helping people to make best use of what they already have around them, for free. You can see me making best use of Upliftford in my home town videos here and below:

Making best use of Retford and it’s urban terrain

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Keep Retford, Upliftford, Uplift Retford with original urban adventure StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™
No gym required!

Memories of Retford:

Having lived in Retford, I can remember some of the hardships people faced, the miners strike for example. However, Retfordians are resilient and always push forward with great humour and strength.

Lots of fond memories of Retford and looking forward to many more!

Retford, has and always will be a big part of my life. In 2002, mum passed away following her battle with cancer. She lost her fight for life in Bassetlaw Hospice in Retford. The staff were fantastic and couldn’t have done more to support her. They’re always looking for help and don’t forget to pay a visit to the hospice shop in the market square.

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