John Watson Allison and UpliftFord:

Welcome to StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™. Founded by Army veteran, former Retford resident and movement for mental health specialist, John Watson Allison. While serving in the Army, John regularly encountered the phrase, Mens sana in corpore sano, which means “a sound mind, in a sound body.” It’s the motto of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) which was established in 1860.

The military assault course and civilian obstacle course races have also featured heavily in my life!

He has presented his StreetGym® ethos and methodology at conferences alongside Nike, TFL and the NHS. In addition he has delivered the StreetGym® message to many of those behind the Uplift Retford and UpliftFord, project. He is also a TEDx Speaker.

Presenting alongside leading movement and mental health experts in 2019. Uplifting minds, Uplift Retford, UpliftFord
Presenting alongside leading movement and mental health experts in 2019

Moreover, John is also the founder of holistic coaching and wellbeing service Motion to Mind™. He has supported hundreds of employees and private clients with a range of support needs in the city of London and elsewhere. Movement for mind, has been at the heart of much of John’s work with City based employees for the past ten years.

You can see John in action below:

StreetGym® in Action:

John’s StreetGym® work has been cited in numerous publications and articles. He runs StreetGym® in support of charitable events, particularly those with links to mental health and wellbeing, the National Trust and many other organisations. You can click on the image below to find out more.

StreetGym® with the National Trust in Birmingham, Uplifting Minds, Uplift Retford

John’s life experience informs the StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™ methodology. This includes 24 years of military service and completion of numerous obstacle races including Tough Guy winter, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and many more. You can find out more about John’s military career and challenging transition here.

In view of John’s experience, StreetGym® and Motion to Mind™, is predominantly about helping people to empower themselves. It’s about giving people the confidence to make best use of their urban terrain for free. We increasingly live in a throw away society and StreetGym® also promotes an improvisational mindset.

Furthermore, we can be afraid to venture off the beaten track, happy to take the same route day in and day out. If this is who we are, how can we grow, how can we learn? StreetGym® changed all that by promoting exploration and adventure at Uplift Retford and post event for Upliftford too.

John’s left a legacy for the people of Retford, in the form of the StreetGym® Retford project. You can find out more here:

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